Points of View

The majority of the House Valerius series; well, the two (so far) books are written as first person narrative. I don’t recall this being a deliberate decision when I first started, it just seemed to be a natural way to go about the story, since it was Ash’s story, to tell it from his point of view. And, if I’m honest, I tend to find it easiest to write

Having written House Valerius like that, I did think about doing A House Divided differently for a time. I even wrote a couple of chapters in the third person, where the focus was more on some of the supporting characters.

Part of that was to try and stretch myself a bit in terms of style, the other reason was, at the time, I wanted to work on plot points that were going to be outside of Ash’s direct experience.

I subsequently decided to abandon those chapters, (not entirely, I did rework some of them) so that A House Divided is also entirely first-person. My rationale was that it fits better continuity-wise but I haven’t ruled out the notion of returning to the idea in future installments.

In the meantime, I do have the short story collection to experiment with. So far, none of the stories I have planned are first-person. I currently have nine stories in various stages of completion, and a couple are written in styles I’m not used to; one as a series of diary entries, another without any dialogue. And I’m sure if I work at it, there are other possibilities still to be explored as well…

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