I ran a poll recently on my Twitter feed about whether or not to add some excerpts from the books. The results were 89% in favor of doing so. I also got a number of supportive comments about doing so.

So now, I guess, having opened that box I have to be good as my word and find some pieces to post. Which does present a small problem with some of the books. House Valerius shouldn’t be an issue and since I finished my 1st draft on A House Divided, I expect I can find something from that. The problems would mainly come from book 3, House In Exile, and the short story collection, Tales from House Valerius.

I haven’t started properly on House In Exile yet so there is very little material to choose from. I do have a couple of scenes, one of which I’d originally intended to put in A House Divided, which might serve, although given how that book ended there is a good chance they would need to be re-written before they could be included in the 1st draft

As for Tales from House Valerius, well, do I put up an excerpt from each story,those where I’ve written enough to have pieces available. Or do I jut pick a single piece, one which I think is going to be the best example of the collection. Ah decisions, decisions…

Plus of course, I also have not pick scenes which don’t spoil anything.


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