Review – Valguard: Knight of Coins

A mercenary named Valguard must break into a fort and rescue a young woman from a band of brigands.

A good short read, perfect for those of us who like a little fantasy violence and need to kill an hour or so (no pun intended).

I did enjoy this. There is plenty of detail in the setting, the people and the action, which is nicely done. It may be brutal in places, but it keeps the story moving along well. And, acting as a prequel/prologue to the first full-length novel, Ten of Swords, it definitely made me look forward to the next installment.

If I did have a problem with it, it would be the plot threads that were left dangling or unexplained, such as Valguard’s abilities and his history with a couple of the other characters. This is probably due to the fact that this was originally intended as the beginning to the next book. I expect that the things I felt needed to be explored more, will be in the novel. Most importantly, even those issues did not take away any enjoyment from the read.

Well worth your time and money. And I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for Ten of Swords.



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