Review – Leger, Cat Sleuth

A nice, charming short read.

The title of the book tells you everything you need to know about the story. Leger is a cat, who lives with his humans, Annabella and Hugh; and his best friend, Bob the dog. When Hugh gets mugged, Leger decides he’s going to investigate and solve the crime.

While it may sound a little ridiculous, the story itself is very nicely done. For the most part, humans are barely a part of the story, focusing instead on the inner life of the pets. This includes Leger and Bob’s friendship, deemed ‘unusual’ for them being cat and dog. Another repeating element, and one that comes in handy, is Leger’s artistry; which basically involves digging in flower beds.

The sense of the animals, their actions and views on the world is well handled and, at least for me, very believable. Also the few interactions that the animals have with humans is written in a great way. The human dialogue is frequently written as the way pet owners may talk to their pets (I include myself in that) but in places can also be read as a full conversation.

If I had one complaint about it, the story felt too short and I could easily have read more. But since there are another twenty or so Leger mysteries out there, then I should be spoiled for choice.



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