June Goals

I’ve been thinking about what I want to set as my goals for this month. To be honest, I feel a bit like I’m in a transition period, with no clear long-term objective as yet. While I do want to have some notion on where I’m going (always useful), I think June is going to be the month of just seeing whats working for me.

Anyway, here’s the current goal list, some similar to last month.

  1. Keep improving my daily word count. I don’t expect this one to leave the list any time soon.After all, why wouldn’t I want to keep improving?
  2. Try a Monday-Wednesday-Friday blog post schedule. Striving for consistency of just indulging my semi-OCD nature? 
  3. Write another book review. I doubt I’ll match the 4 in May but still.
  4. Free write as much as possible. While I’ll glad I got the second draft on A House Divided done last month, for the latter two weeks it did feel like I wasn’t producing much in the way of new material.
  5. Complete a 1st draft on another House Valerius short story. Because I should.

On the subject of free writing, I’m how much, if any, of that will be usable. I don’t expect all of it to be House Valerius related either. There’s been too much other stuff knocking about my head in the past few months for me to think that none of it is going to find its way out . And maybe some of it will end up being the germ of a new project. Watch this space.

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