Finding a Title

I’m not always very good with titles.

I used to be. Or I think I used to be and I’m not quite sure where I lost the knack.

Back when I first started writing short stories (way back when) I don’t recall ever having one that I failed to find a title for. They may not always have been great titles, I’m fairly sure there were some mediocre ones, but at least they had titles and they usually made sense within the context of the story. The same goes for the poems I used to write in university.

The first book in the House Valerius series was originally entitled In My Father’s House, since that jibed with the inspiration for the book (more on that another time). Once it was pointed out to me that there were already a number of books with that title, I changed it to simply House Valerius and it’s been that way ever since. And, of the twenty-eight chapters in the book, each has it’s own title.

Book two, as soon as I knew there was going to be a book two, I think was always going to be called A House Divided. But, by comparison, it has twenty-nine chapters. Only eight of which have been titled so far.

Books three and four, assuming I get to them, have working titles. All the short stories have working titles. Although since all but two of them have got as far as a completed first draft, all of those are subject to change.

As for my other current work, usually the blog titles come fairly easily although this one might be an exception. I also have three fiction pieces, two of which I’ve mentioned here before; one fantasy, one science fiction. As of now, they’re not titled. I hadn’t seen the point since I wasn’t sure that they were going to come to anything. The third, which I just started on Saturday and have been working on each day since, is a horror piece. My wife, Britt, challenged me to write one in response to a link a friend of ours sent me. So far I’ve been enjoying it and I hope I’ll meet our agreed two week deadline for it but, again, I’m having difficulty coming up with a title for it. Maybe it will become clearer once I get nearer the end of the story.

Or so I hope.

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