July Goals

June was a bit of a weird month, at least in terms of forward movement with the main series. I do think that I did fairly well in terms of general writing exercises and exploring different genres but the only House Valerius work was a first draft on a short story. So, for July, I’m going to try focusing on that a little more.
Here’s what I have for my goals:

  1. Keep improving my daily word count. – As I said in my June goals, I think this is going to be a mainstay of my monthly goal list.
  2. Continue with the Monday-Wednesday-Friday blog post schedule. – I managed to keep this going through-out June so I’m going to see if I can continue. Hopefully without too much in the way of filler posts.
  3. Write two book reviews. – Since I was disappointed with myself that I only got the one review written in June. And I want to ensure I get some good reading in this month.
  4. Keep free writing as much as possible. – This is something that’s been helping me a fair bit, I think. And hopefully, some of it can be of use in book three. Speaking of…
  5. Work on the outline for House In Exile. – I mentioned before that I’ve not been the best at using outlines for books one and two but I’m going to try again for book three. I’ve got a couple of new tools that I didn’t have back then so I’m hoping that will help me form a more coherent picture for the next book.
  6. Work on another House Valerius short story. – I’ve had them in my head long enough, I should be getting them out and onto paper (or the electronic equivalent).

Also, last month, Britt challenged me to write a horror story. I have been kicking about the idea of accepting another challenge, for a different genre story, this month. If nothing else, it gave me something extra to work on a bit of a creativity stretch. I think I’ll keep that option open for another few days yet, see how things are going.

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