August Goals

After the failures where last months goals were concerned, I’ve been thinking how best to get myself back on track for August. Sort of a getting back to basics.

For one thing, I should be more specific about what I want to get done, as opposed to open ended statements like “work on”.

For another, I’m wary of setting myself up for another failure by adding too many attempted goals for this month. Having said that though, I don’t want to go too easy on myself. I need to try and find some middle ground.

  1. Write every day. – Starting off with the most basic, I really should get back into the habit. I don’t want a repeat of last month where there were days that didn’t happen.
  2. Finish a piece of work, regardless of what it is. – One of things I’ve found is that most of last month (those days when I did get some writing done), I was bouncing from one thing to another. Which ultimately meant that not a lot got done on any of them. While I still think having more than one project is a good thing, but I need to focus on one for as long as I can and actually finish something.
  3. Maintain my blogging schedule. – if nothing else it means I have to constantly think about what I’m doing.
  4. Read at least two new books and write reviews for them – Lucky I made that list.

I think I’ll leave it there for the this month and concentrate on the basics. Although if I do get something more done I’ll maybe give myself bonus points for it in September.

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