Anything or Nothing 

It’s currently 10 o’clock and I have yet to think of a topic for this blog post. So I face a question…

Do I try and make up a filler blog post pointing out how muddled up I am or do I just cut my losses and come back to it another day? 

My head is all over the place at the moment; too many loose thoughts rattling around and not enough clarity of focus. But I don’t want to be giving up, admitting defeat. If there’s one thing I’ve had too much of, it’s feeling defeated. 

So which is better? A post where I’m talking about nothing or just plain nothing?  I suppose it could be argued that since I’m typing this into WordPress, I’m already doing a post about nothing but as far as I’m concerned, I haven’t done a post until I’ve pressed publish.

I’d prefer to have a proper post; with a decent topic, coherent thoughts and a purpose beyond filling space and keeping my blog schedule going. But I don’t, not right now. 

If this stays as a draft then I won’t have looked like a rambling idiot. But I will stay on track to meet one of my monthly goals. And that could be one less thing to feel defeated about.

While it may not be much, the more I think about it, the simpler it becomes. Ultimately it doesn’t matter if there’s any substance to this post. What does matter is that I’m making a choice. Not to give up. Not to allow tiredness and doubt get the better of me. I’m still here and I’m still trying to write. 

And that’s what matters.

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