Earlier today, I was on my Twitter account (it was on my lunch break), trying to pick a line that I could use for #1linewed. In the past, when I’ve put a snippet out, its varied. Sometimes I pick a line I like that I’d written previously, sometimes I use one from whatever I’m writing on the day.

Today I still had #WIPjoy in mind, and since I hadn’t started any of today’s writing at that point, I was trying to pick something from the snippets I’ve done for possible inclusion in House In Exile. Admittedly there’s not a lot to choose from but the first one that came to mind is a good one (or so I think). However, I decided not to use it.

The reason I decided not to is that the line in question (and no, I won’t be using it here either) concerned a fairly major plot element of House In Exile. It may even end up being the last line of the book, although obviously since I’ve barely begun with book 3, that is subject to change. Wherever it ends up, I also think it’s liable to be a turning point in the life of my main character.

Whenever I’ve posted about the series, either in an actual blog post or an excerpt, I’ve always tried to pick pieces and references that won’t spoil anything for people who don’t already know what happens (which is approx. 98% of people who know about the series). How successful I’ve been in that is open to debate, although I’d like to think that I’ve done okay.

Now, I’m not sure how much of a potential readership I have out there, something I’ve discussed before, but it doesn’t make much sense to put anybody off by giving away details now, does it?

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