Review – Morium

Nathan and Lexi are a pair of teenagers who seem to be the target of every other student in their school. Lexi, in particular, has withdrawn so much that the only relief she gets is in cutting herself. The two of them keep their abuse a secret from their parents and find solace in each other and their only other friend, Stacy. Then, one night, they find a meteorite which dissolves into them when they touch it. The powers it gives them means that they can strike back against their tormentors. But what will they become if they do?

The two main characters are very well drawn. The trauma left by years of physical and psychological abuse is depicted with sympathy and clear understanding, particularly with Lexi. The insight into her thought processes, as she questions whether or not her classmates are right about her, the loss of her mother, the cutting; all of it rings true. Also easily understandable is Nathan’s desire to take revenge once the telekinetic powers they now possess kicks in.

Without going into too much detail (spoilers!), the way the two react to the powers they suddenly have and what can be done with them is a very natural progression, as is the conflict it causes between them. Conflict which is unresolved at the end, since this is the first part of a trilogy.

This was quite the page turner for me. As I got drawn in by the book and its developments, I found that I had to keep going, to know what happened next. And because I still want to know what happens next, I’ve already purchased book 2, Dark Horizons.

I would recommend this book to most people, although there are some elements in the later part of the book which may not be suitable for younger teens.



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