October Goals

I seem to be developing a pattern with this. The first post of any month will be the review of the previous month’s goals, the second will be my goals for the weeks to come. Completely logical, but I suppose it could be rather boring for you readers out there. But since it’s my blog, you’ll just have a to put up with me I guess.

Here’s what I think September’s goals should be.

  1. Keep writing fiction every day. – I think I did not too badly with having this as a goal last month. And since increasing my productivity is something that’s always on my mind, I don’t see why I shouldn’t keep it around. What I should try being better about this his month is to keep increasing the daily wordage. I don’t know that I’m ready to impose a daily word count on myself just yet (laziness or just fear of failure?) but we’ll see.
  2. Keep the blog schedule going –  Ignoring what I said above about predictability and since we’re rolling goals over from last month. I think it does me some good to have a structure for the posts, particularly planning ahead so I’m not struggling to think of a topic at 10.30 the night in question.
  3. Revise House Valerius – Another goal being carried over. As I mentioned in last month’s review, my goal was to do a chapter a week and I managed one the entire month. Let’s call this take two and see if I can be ready to look at chapter six come November.
  4. More reading, more reviews. – More carryovers, and technically I’m  consolidating two into one here. September, I was supposed to set aside half an hour per day to read and to write three reviews. I think I’ll keep that for this month.
  5. Make a plan for House In Exile. – I think I may also have used this one before (and not accomplished it either). But since I find myself starting to write bits and pieces for it and I want to have some kind of framework to fit these into. I know I’ve said before that books 1&2 were done with only a basic outline. I keep thinking that if I don’t want book 3 to take years like the first two did, then I should have a better plan.
  6. Post more writing snippets. – I got some good feedback on some of the pieces I posted last month so for that reason alone I should probably put some more stuff out there. I didn’t specify how many pieces then. This month I’d like to give me a soft target of two (minimum) to go both here and on Wattpad.

I think that’s a good place to wrap things up for the most moment. See you on Friday for a new post.


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