I was watching a couple of teaser trailers earlier today, specifically for Iron Fist and The Defenders on Netflix. If I haven’t already told you I’m a big comic books fan before, well, there’s a clue. I think it was mostly the second trailer that sparked the idea for this post. Well, that and the fact that Britt and I started re-watching American Horror Story after our little trip to Universal last month.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I like the playful use of references to other works and ones that connect with one another when you don’t necessary expect it. That’s one of the major reasons I like comic book worlds, aside from escapism. I love spotting the links between characters & story-lines, how one character’s actions can have repercussions for another seemingly random one. Something about seeing that, making those connections, just speaks to me in some way.

It’s my liking for this sort of thing that has me wondering if that’s something I could do. Can I create an inter-connected world? I’ve tried to do that with my House Valerius world, more specifically the short stories around the main series. I’ve had fun, not only exploring some back story but also tying them into the main story-line in ways that I hadn’t originally anticipated. How successful I’ve been with that I’m not sure.

I’ve also wondered if I could do the same with some of the non-House Valerius stuff I’ve written lately. The problem with that, since they’ve mainly been experiments in different genres, I’m not sure how they could be linked together. At least not, without jumping through some pretty major hoops and then I’d be worried about forcing them to fit to the detriment of the story. Ah well, maybe something to keep in mind for another day perhaps.


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