November Goals

November is going to be a different kind of month, thanks to my close-to last minute decision to take part on NaNoWriMo. Just in case you missed my previous thoughts on the matter, you can find them here and here. And while I don’t think I can claim to have everything on the checklist above done, it did seem to be the best image to go with tonight’s post.

Trying to write a 50,000 word novel in the space of thirty days probably (read: almost certainly) won’t leave much time for anything else. Add in the day job, the home business and life in general and it’s almost a foregone conclusion. Still, much as I might want to, I don’t want to put everything else on hold until December. So I am going to make a short goals list for this month.

  1. Write some fiction every day.

In order to write 50,000 words in a month, I’ll have to.

  1. Still do some blog posts.

While I doubt I’ll be able to maintain the Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule that I’ve had going, I don’t want my posts to stop completely either. So, I’ll set a goal of one post a week. I expect they’ll be heavy on the progress reporting just maybe I’ll have something else to tell you about.

  1. Do some reading, even if it’s only through audio books.

I’m fortunate in one aspect, and that is that no-one at work seems to mind if I have one half of my headphones in and am listening to an audio book while I’m doing my day job. And even if I feel compelled to pick up a book (probably in bed) maybe I listen to my previous post and look at some short stories. Whether I’ll do any reviews this month or not, I’m going to leave open. I won’t say I won’t, but I won’t say I will either.

Given the size of task 1, I think that’s a good place to leave things for this month.


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