Writing at the Write-In


Last night, I attended my first local NaNoWriMo Write-In event and, overall, I think it went quite well. So I wanted to say thank you to everyone who helps organizing them and share my thoughts about it..

One of my many, many problems is that I tend to be shy and withdraw when meeting new people. As a result, I maybe didn’t talk to as many people as I could (or should) have. But that’s on me, and the people that I did speak to were very welcoming and friendly.

Despite myself, I did get some good out of it. I had a go at a couple of word sprints. I did better on my first than I did on the second, thanks to an unfortunate side effect of Flying Star’s free coffee refills. But more importantly, I broke the daily word count for the first time since I started and even finished 500+ over.

So between that and some things coming together in my head, the evening left me feeling better about this project. Plus, I’ve got a day off work coming up and I’m really hoping I can use that to make up for some lost time.

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