Review – Bounty of the Everdark

Lorel is a dark elf determined to do the right thing for her people. So when she overheard a plan to attack the neighboring human queen, she has to do what she can to stop it.

Bounty of the Everdark is a perfectly formed short story. It plunges you straight into a fully realized fantasy world, with multiple races, languages and religions.

There are only a few characters in the piece but Lorel takes the spotlight. Her unswerving devotion to her people leads her to risking her life for a woman she’s never met, all for the sake of building a fragile peace between humans and dark elves. She’s strong and determined, totally understandable. The other characters are given less attention but none ring false.

The brevity of the story means there is little background given to the world beyond some brief descriptions. Rather than feeling this as something lacking with the story, it made me more curious about the world. The story feels like a window into a small area, with the just enough hints that there’s a much greater story (or stories) beyond its edges.

Overall, Bounty of the Everdark is nice little read, well worth both your money and time.



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