Review – The Prince’s Parish

Edgar is one of a trio of young boys, all recently arrived at Arterbury Castle, all to serve the local priesthood. But it isn’t long before tragedy strikes…

The Priest’s Parish is a short and simple story but told with great effectiveness. Many of the descriptions used give a very strong sense of the time & place. It’s nicely paced and it progresses to what feels like an inevitable conclusion.

It’s also a claustrophobic story, with the events confined to the one parish building and with a limited (and dwindling) set of characters. The focus is mainly on the boys but the adults do get their own slivers of characterization and nobody, despite the briefness of their time onstage, feels like a rote character.

It is a short story, but it’s as long as it needs to be without diluting the effect of it. It’s a perfect read for whenever a spare hour presents itself. I don’t know yet if it ties into any of the author’s other writing but I intend to find out.



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