Prompted Confessional

As I said in my goals for 2017, I want to try taking part in more interactive writing challenges and the like. So, to get things off to a good start with that, I’ve got two on the go for January.

The first, and the more in depth of the two, is #authorconfession hosted by @_jm_sullivan. As shown by the image above, each day of the month has a question; some about the writer, some about the work, all with an element of confession about it. Especially #2 & #6, in my opinion.

Much like the #WIPjoy one I did last year, I’ll do two posts about this challenge, this  one and another at the end recapping all my answers. There’s a slight difference in that, with that one, I started roughly a third of the way into the month so I already a number of answers that I could use for the initial post. With this one, I only have the four so far.

  1. Quinn Hendricks is probably the most fun to write. He is direct & plain spoken, usually pretty funny.
  2. Biggest challenge? Focus/application/tendency to get distracted…
  3. There are 4 works in progress (min), a novel and 3 short stories. Although there’s always a possibility of a new idea.
  4. I’m not sure I actually chose urban fantasy. It was just what seemed to fit the story best.

NB. Usually, I’ll be referring to House in Exile when talking about the work in progress.

The second one I’m doing is #POVPrompt, started by @LexiIsAWriter. This one is a bit more in line with #2bitTues & #1lineWed, in that Lexi will post a prompt or suggestion and then we get to run with it. What I liked about this one is that it doesn’t necessarily have to connect to anything that I’ve specifically working on and can let me play with different ideas. Hopefully a new prompt will be posted every couple of weeks.

So, that’s all for the moment. Look for the rest of my #authorconfession answers at the end of the month. And there will be Tweets/Facebook posts responding to the #POVprompts, as and when they come up.

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