Final Confessions

As I said during my post at the beginning of the month, I’ve been taking part in AuthorConfession on Twitter. And now that we’re just about done, here are my collected answers.

And just so I’m not completely repeating myself, I’m going to try elaborating on a few of my answers. Oh, I did go through and correct any typos I may have made in the original Tweets.

1. Quinn Hendricks is probably the most fun to write. He is direct & plainspoken, usually pretty funny.

  • I think I’ve said before I really have fun writing Quinn, although writing him and MacReady together might be even better.

2. Biggest challenge? Focus/application/tendency to get distracted…

  • Unfortunately, yes, this is still an issue. But I’m going to keep working at it.

3. There are 4 works in progress (min), a novel and 3 short stories. Although there’s always a possibility of a new idea.

  • The novel is House in Exile, 3rd in my House Valerius series (in case you didn’t already know that).
  • Looking back I’m not quite sure how I came up with three short stories since I have at least six planned. Maybe I said three because the others only have half a page or so done so far. Although now I think about it, that’s not really true either. Bugger.

4. I’m not sure I actually chose urban fantasy. It was just what seemed to fit the story best.

  • Ok, this one is true. There was a time when I had envisaged a science fiction (i.e set in the future) version but that never got off the ground. I did keep some character names, though.

5. At the current point of the story: Alone, resolute, scarred.

  • Can’t really say much more without going into plot details and I’m not ready to do that, sorry.

6. I’m almost certain I use “almost” slightly too much. Or “slightly.”

  • There may be others. I try to catch them when I can.

7. I’ve been actively writing House in Exile for approximately a week. Although it’s been in my head a year or more.

  • When I say actively, I mean writing day after day on it. I ‘ve done little snippets before, some even before I’d finished book 2.

8. Being spoon-fed every explanation & reminder. I’d like to think I’m smart enough to work some things out myself. And overly pretentious or florid language. This has stopped me continuing with some series…

  • I like having to piece some things together for myself. It’s just the way I am and I try to write things the same way.
  • Of course, it might be that was my opinion at the time and if I went back it might not be an issue anymore. Maybe I’ll try. If I do, I’ll let you know.

9. With a blindfold and a dartboard… Actually, I don’t think I have a method. Well, some of the Cabal are names of historical figures that I twisted a bit.

  • Also true (the latter part). I won’t say who, though.

10. What do I like best about my writing? Hmmm, the rare occasion when I get someone to have feels, I suppose.

  • Given that there are only a few people out there who’ve read more than just the small pieces I’ve posted in the series pages, but some of them were kind enough to tell me there have been moments that get to them.

11. Can’t think of a specific book I wish I’d written, but I could name half a dozen authors I wish I had the talent of…

  • Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, George R.R. Martin, James Ellroy, Lois McMaster Bujold, Michael Moorcock…I’m stopping at six but I’m certain I could keep going.

12. De Vries? Insane, ruthless, opportunistic are the first that come to mind.

  • I don’t think anything more is needed here, do you?

13. I think I started around 8 or 9 but not seriously until I was in my late teens.

  • I think I’ve covered this in otehr posts.

14. Commander Sir Samuel Vimes, Ankh-Morpork City Watch. Any man who uses baby dragons to light his cigars is okay by me.

  • There are several other characters I enjoy reading but whenever I get this question, Vimes is always the first to mind.

15. I may have mentioned this previously but I think I’ve already written the last page.

  • And before I’d written the first page. Actually, before I’d written the last page of book two.

16. Not sure if this counts as least favourite but De Vries is the hardest to write.

  • Mainly because I find it difficult to maintain a balance. He is psychopathic but he’s functional in society and charming under the right circumstances.

17. All books should have an impact on the reader.

  • I agreed with a lot of other answers to this one; good storyline, engaging characters etc, but this was the one stuck in my head.

18. One I can’t say for spoilers so – “Don’t hide yourself from me.” Her lips pressed, against the scarred side of my face.

  • I tweaked this a little to get it into a single tweet. Here’s what I originally had.

She looked at me once again. I felt her eyes slide over my scars and I ducked my head, not wanting to see the pity in her eyes. She reached forward, her fingers tracing lightly over the left side of my face. It took everything I had not to pull away from her. 

She leaned in, her breath tickling my skin. “Don’t hide yourself from me.” Her lips pressed, soft and warm, against the scars.

19. I’d be lying if I didn’t say having people read my writing is a pretty big fear.

  • Which is another thing I’m working on.

20. Depends on how you define it.
I have other writers who offer encouragement, etc. But the actual writing is me only.

  • Unless you want to count things like writing prompts. Although I don’t think I’ve ever used one of those for and of the House Valerius books.

21. I just want to tell a good story that people will enjoy, starting with myself.

  • After all, if I can’t enjoy it, how can I expect anyone else to?

22. I don’t think I have enough of the current book written yet to have a favourite scene.

  • I might have said the story-telling scene I put in the series pages but I wrote that before I finished book two, and now it won’t fit wthout making some revisions.

23. Not that I’m consciously aware of.  I don’t think I’ve put anyone I’ve met into any of the books.

  • And even if I have, I doubt it was an enemy.

24. I’m usually not trying to come across like an arsehole, it just seems to happen regardless of my intentions.

  • I guess I’m just talented that way.

25. “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” – Confucius

  • To be honest, I Googled inspirational quotes until I found one I liked.

26. Weekdays – Lunch break and evenings. Weekends – whenever I can.

  • Kind of unavoidable with the day job.

27. At work (lunch break) – usually at my desk. At home – usually on the couch. Out and about – wherever I can.

  • The downside of our new home business, it’s taken over our spare room which was my writing space. Although, I wasn’t using it as much as I should have been anyway.

28. I don’t think I’m channeling anyone when I’m writing. Well, possibly my main character, Ash. Does that count?

  • For more about me and Ash, see here.

29 . My wife, Britt. She’s smart, she runs two businesses, she’s an incredible photographer and she puts up with me.

  • And she’s always supportive of my writing.

30. I’ve used two hashtags, and . First is my series & first book, the second is what it says.

  • I don’t think I need to explain these, do I?

31. House in Exile is the third book in the House Valerius series, following Ash as he struggles to keep himself and his family alive after the ruling Houses turn on them.

And that wraps it all up, I think. There’s a good chance, since our gracious hostess, JM Sullivan, already has another planned for February, that you’ll see another of these posts next month.

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