Review – Who Killed Edie Montgomery?

Mary Meade has had a difficult life. Forced to conceal who she really is for years, caring for her drunken father, all of it has been taking its toll. A sudden, unexpected inheritance offers not only the money she’s never had but a new home in the form of Meade Manor. But Meade Manor has its own secrets and now its ghosts are making themselves known.

Note: This book is available in two versions. The one I read is the explicit version.

Who Killed Edie Montgomery? has elements of both classic ghost stories and classic “whodunits”. As Mary discovers the dark history of her new home and the resulting ghosts that have been trapped there, both Mary and the reader are drawn deeper into the mysteries. We know the identity of one murderer, John Drum, early on but since he is a ghost, we are left to try to work out which of the assorted suspicious-seeming characters lurking around the edges might be responsible for the most recent killings.

As the main character, Mary is frequently withdrawn, hostile or suspicious, all in keeping with her history.  While her attitude is easy to understand, it does occasionally serve to make her less than sympathetic. But for the most part, she remains the anchor of the story as she moves from being a victim of her time to a woman ready to stand up to murderers for the sake of someone she loves.

Two things about the narrative; it is full of twists and turns and it is full of stories. As it unfolds, more and more characters get to give their back stories or their side of events. Most of these are styled as flashbacks, sometimes introduced by the omniscient narrator. But the writing is strong enough that it never feels forced of like useless exposition. Instead, it makes the inhabitants of Meade Manor, both living and dead, seem like real people. And the twists serve to both heighten the tension and to offer up more suspects.

I thought this was a very good book. For people looking for either a murder mystery or a paranormal romance, I would definitely recommend it.



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