March Goals

I was thinking that for March that I should pare my goals back a bit and focus more on just getting some writing done. Then I started thinking about how best I could facilitate getting that writing done. and ended up almost making more goals for myself anyways. Ah well…


  • Write some fiction every day.

Still the mainstay of my goals list but I’m determined I’m going to get it in the bag this month. I expect it will make me feel better about myself if I can buckle down and get this one done.

  • Structure as many of this month’s blog posts ahead of time. as possible.  

I figure the more I can do ahead of time, there less I’m likely to end up taking an evening out to think up and write up a blog idea, at the expense of my fiction writing.

  • Write two book reviews.

I’m keeping this one because, well, I do need to keep reading and I like doing the reviews. Plus, it gives me a couple less blog posts I need to think up.

  • Post another short work.

Since the others have been fairly well received, why not keep going?

  • Do my first interview. 

Last month I published my decision to try some interviews and I got one or two interested nibbles. So, I should follow up on that before I lose any momentum on it and a few months go by before I get back to it. I haven’t quite chosen who the (un)lucky interviewee will be (assuming they’re still interested) by hopefully I’ll have something lined up by the end of next week.

So, no fewer goals but I’m hoping that the majority will work together so I can get more accomplished.


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