Purposeful Scribblings

I was thinking, after some of my recent setbacks, that I should remind myself why I’m doing what I’m doing and what I want to accomplish with it.

  1. First, and most obvious, to showcase my writing. Whether that be the House Valerius series, miscellaneous other fictions, the book reviews or just my general thoughts on things.
  2. I want this to act as a conduit, bringing me into contact with diverse other writers, in the hopes that I can learn more about the craft.
  3. By the same light, I hope that this will also broaden my reading. I’ve already read (and review) a dozen or so books that I might not have found without it.
  4. Giving back is important. If I can be of any help to someone else through this blog; whether it’s with opinions, a review or just general encouragement, I’ll consider that well worth it. There’s the possibility that this will become a bigger part of things in coming months but more on that another time.
  5. I want this to help me instill more discipline and good writing habits into me. Which leads me into my last and most important point.
  6. Pretty much all of the reasons listed above feed into one simple goal; to become a better writer. And that is at the root of all of this.



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