March Goals Review

March was marred by an unexpected crisis of confidence which pretty much threw everything into a loop for the better part of the week. The latter part of the month was spent trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, how I could remedy it going forward and trying not to get too down on myself about it.  But I made my goals at the beginning of the month so it’s only right that review my results, such as they are.

  • Write some fiction every day.

Once again, the big failure. Not much else to say really.

  • Structure as many of this month’s blog posts ahead of time as possible.  

Well, I planned where some posts were going to go, and even had one or two of them ready ahead of schedule. But, more often than not, I was doing my usual thing of writing the thing the same night it was due to be posted.

  • Write two book reviews.

I managed this one. Admittedly, it did look touch and go for a while and I left it until the last week of the month before I got it done but I did get my two new reviews done, Scrubs and Translucid.

  • Post another short work.

In all honesty, while I did post The Steal this month, the majority was written a while ago. The first half was done in October of last year and most of the remainder in January. All that was done in March was the last few lines and some tweaks here and there. But I did put it out there, which is the main thing.

  • Do my first interview. 

Again, this is one that almost didn’t make it and that only got completed in the last week. But I did get it done and some seem to have liked it. Much thanks once again to Regan O’Leary for bailing me out and agreeing to be interviewed.

Well, there we have it. I’m still trying to work out how I move forward and whether or not I’ll do a goal list for April or not. As ever, to be continued…

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