Story – Ossuary

I wrote a new small story earlier this week, after reading a flash fiction challenge posted on terribleminds, the website of @ChuckWendig.

I did cheat a little in that I didn’t start from scratch, I used a situation which I knew had happened in the backstory of my House Valerius series. Unfortunately, this does make it feel a little less complete, more a snippet of a larger piece rather than a work in it’s own right.

Anyway, here is my story, Ossuary. Let me know what you think.

One thought on “Story – Ossuary

  1. C.M. Turner says:

    That was mesmerizing. I felt like I was down in that very ancient vale with them and watching the two women, not just reading their story. Such great description I was there smelling the dankness. Bravo Drew! The contents of the box were very compelling too…you knew you’d just met another character.

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