Now vs. Later

One thing I’ve discovered (or been reminded of, or something) lately is that I can be capable of some fairly ingenious methods of procrastination when I’m supposed to be writing.

I’ve said, more than once, that I can be a pretty lazy individual. But, I can be surprisingly productive when it comes finding ways to delay staring at a blank page or screen.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes the things I do to avoid writing are things that need to be done anyway. It might be cleaning, doing the dishes, preparing my lunch for the next day at work; all of that has to happen at some point. But equally, I can find myself doing stuff that is completely superfluous. How many times do the bookshelves or the Blu-Ray collection need to be re-organised? How many random internet articles do I need to

What’s most annoying is that I can realise what I’m doing even as I’m doing it. And frequently, thanks to some weird OCD-esque thing in my head, if the timing’s not right, I’ll find myself saying something like “Well, I’ll just wait until it’s X o’clock before I get started.” That way I can find something else to fill in the time rather than just getting on with it.

I don’t like to think about how much gets wasted because of that, or what might have been without it. Procrastination isn’t just the thief of time, but of words as well.

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