June Goals (& some covers)

I’m tired of the way things have been going lately, with regards to my writing and this blog post. And I’m tired of being tired about it. So it seems like I have 2 options:

  1. Accept that things aren’t working and let things lie.
  2. Take steps to fix the things that aren’t working.

Of those, I’d much rather take the second option.

So, that’s going to be my main goal for the remainder of this month, to look into what measures I can take to get myself back to work and back on track. Not just with the writing either. I expect I’ll talk more about this later.

In the meantime, one thing I have done recently is spend a little bit of time making a cover for A House Divided. I also made an alternative cover for House in Exile. Obviously, this is just an exercise for me since the books are still in draft stage but it does give them a working image if I want to give anyone a test copy.

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