This will mark the first blog post I’ve written in three weeks. That’s the longest I’ve gone without contributing to The Scribblings since I started blogging again two years ago.


February Goals

I’m carrying over the majority of last month’s goals into this month, although with one or two small tweaks.

The Year Ahead

Without dwelling on the failures of 2017, I’m trying to make my 2018 goals reflective of what I learned from last year, not just what I ideally want to accomplish.

Looking back on 2017

A lot of things that I wanted to get done this past year didn’t work out. I could go on about what I think my failings were, but I won’t. Not that I don’t think there’s value in acknowledging my mistakes, quite the opposite, but dwelling on them doesn’t do me too much good either. I’d rather close out the year and move into the new one on a more positive note. 

October Goals

I’ve had two consecutive months where I’m spectacularly failed to accomplish the goals that I’ve been setting for myself. Which, as you might understand, has made me a bit wary of what I set myself for October.

Scheduling & Other Concerns

Ever since I read Caroliena Cabeda’s post for the #AuthorToolboxBlogHop last month, it’s been in the back of my mind to get a more structured schedule in place. I keep thinking something like that would help me remember to do the little things (more on those below) that I know I should be making time for but get pushed aside in favour of more immediate concerns.