March Goals

For March, my main focus is going to be on getting some writing done. For 2018 so far, it’s felt a lot like I’ve spent more time working on related things like this blog, book reviews, etc than I have doing actual writing.

February Goals Review

Looking back at my February goals, pretty much the best I can say is that I was more successful with them than the ones I set myself in January. But, as you might remember, that was a pretty low bar to clear. 

September Goals

I’ve been a bit reluctant to commit to a new goals list for this month so far. Not because I’m having difficulty coming up with things that I want to try and accomplish. Actually, it’s more the opposite. 

August Goals

For most of the past week, various thoughts on what I was going to do for this month’s goals have been kicking around in the back of my head. And while I maybe haven’t decided to use all of those random notions, I have made a few choices.