Review – Darkrise

The day the lands of the Rhen feared has come. The people of the Darklands are massing on their borders, ready to invade. And this time, leading them is Darien Lauchlin, the man responsible for stopping the last attempted invasion.

February Goals Review

Looking back at my February goals, pretty much the best I can say is that I was more successful with them than the ones I set myself in January. But, as you might remember, that was a pretty low bar to clear. 

Books I Love – The Black Dahlia

It may seem a bit ghoulish to say I love a book that gives a fictionalised account of a real-life murder but it’s the truth. As hard as the subject matter and the characters are, there’s something I find fascinating about The Black Dahlia.

Review – The Dispatcher

Imagine a world where murder victims are returned to life, safe at home in their beds, their bodies reset to the condition of several hours prior to death. Now imagine how that could be exploited. That’s where Tony Valdez comes in.

Review – Red Sister

Nona is about to be hanged as a killer when Abbess Glass intervenes, taking the nine-year-old girl away from prison to the comparative safety of the Convent of Sweet Mercy. As she is trained in the use of her gifts, Nona struggles to adapt to her new way of life, even as others plot to see her dead.