May Goals

Since I left April a bit light with regards to goals, I don’t think there’s need to do separate posts for their review and setting up my May to-do list.


Well, Spring has officially sprung, according to the calendar. A time of renewal and new growth. Which is good, since it seems like that’s what I seem to be in the need of.

March Goals

I was thinking that for March that I should pare my goals back a bit and focus more on just getting some writing done. Then I started thinking about how best I could facilitate getting that writing done. and ended up almost making more goals for myself anyways. Ah well…

Fear and the Damage Done

I have a t-shirt, one that I purchased during a visit to Universal studios. On the front, in big red letters designed to look like blood, it reads “Fear will eat you alive”. More and more I’m coming to realise how true that is.