September Goals Review

I know that there’s still technically a few days left to go but the sad truth is that I’ve already written this month off. Not good but I figure I can either brood about what went wrong or I can acknowledge what went wrong and make sure I avoid doing the same thing next month. 

This Year’s NaNoWriMo – Part 1

The end of August is rapidly approaching which means we’re only a couple of months away from some things of note. The first is our (almost) annual holiday in Florida. The other is NaNoWriMo. I’ve been giving the latter a little bit of thought over the past few days.

August Goals

For most of the past week, various thoughts on what I was going to do for this month’s goals have been kicking around in the back of my head. And while I maybe haven’t decided to use all of those random notions, I have made a few choices.

Connective Tissue

I’ve been working on my first draft of House in Exile on and off for a while now. More off than on this past month, to be truthful. But leaving that aside, I’ve also been a bit haphazard which parts I’m working on.