Author Toolbox Blog Hop – Ways to Give Back

One of the things I consistently hear online is how supportive the writing community can be for many of us struggling through a first draft (or second or fifteenth, whichever). If, like me, you have found this to be the case then maybe you’re looking for ways to give back. Here are a few suggestions:

The Year Ahead

Without dwelling on the failures of 2017, I’m trying to make my 2018 goals reflective of what I learned from last year, not just what I ideally want to accomplish.

Looking back on 2017

A lot of things that I wanted to get done this past year didn’t work out. I could go on about what I think my failings were, but I won’t. Not that I don’t think there’s value in acknowledging my mistakes, quite the opposite, but dwelling on them doesn’t do me too much good either. I’d rather close out the year and move into the new one on a more positive note. 

An Evening With H.A. Callum

Joining me in the reading room tonight is H.A. Callum, the very talented author of Whispers in the Alders, a candidate for my favourite book of 2017. We’ve got a pot of strong coffee to hand and a couple of hours to talk about whatever comes to mind. 

July Goals

This one is going to be a little trickier than normal since I have some time away to factor into my plan. How this is going to effect things is open to some debate but I’ll be prioritising family & friends over the writing.

An Evening With M.L. Spencer

We’ve got a nice fire going in the reading room as I sit down to talk with the very talented M.L. Spencer, author of the Rhenwars Saga, including Darkstorm, Darkmage and, shortly, Darklands.

June Goals

A new month, new challenges, new targets to shoot for.

As I said in the last month’s review, I wasn’t happy with the way things turned out. So, for this month I figure I need to do two things.

May Goals

Since I left April a bit light with regards to goals, I don’t think there’s need to do separate posts for their review and setting up my May to-do list.


Well, Spring has officially sprung, according to the calendar. A time of renewal and new growth. Which is good, since it seems like that’s what I seem to be in the need of.