Review – Song

Years of Rayph Ivoryfist’s work has just been undone. A black magician has attacked the prison he built and released his captives, some of the most deadly people in the kingdom. One of them has sworn to kill the king, who has already barred Rayph from his court. How can Rayph save a man who won’t even allow him nearby?

Review – I Was A Teenage Weredeer

Jane Doe gets a couple of surprises when Victoria O’Henry turns up dead. The first is that someone has killed the scion of the local werewolf pack and most powerful family in town. The second is that her brother is the prime suspect. So when Jane’s best friend asks her to look into the murder, what else is a teenage weredeer supposed to do?

Review – Paternus: Wrath Of Gods

Now that Fi knows the truth about the mysterious man she had been caring for and the uncle who raised, she has to start coming to terms with the truth about herself. That will be easier said than done as she and her quasi-boyfriend Zeke are pursued by ancient gods, demons and monsters. But they have some gods on their side as well…

Review – Where Loyalties Lie

For most pirate captains, the thought of joining forces doesn’t come naturally. But with the various towns friendly to them being burned to the ground, someone has to make a stand and unite them in the face of the threat. Captain Drake Morass intends to be that man, by any means necessary.

Review – The Secret Name

Despite some reservations, thanks to a rather unusual interview, Kendra accepts a job as a private librarian. Her new boss wants her to curate the library of the mansion he’s recently purchased, with particular attention to the occult section hidden somewhere inside. But, as Kendra uncovers more of the libraries contents, she comes to realise that the mansion holds even more secrets.