New Story – War Stories

Earlier I realised two things.

I hadn’t done a new blog post in over a week.
I hadn’t posted any writing, besides a line or two in the answers to my monthly Twitter games, in a few months.
So I decided I would try to kill two birds with one stone, and give you War Stories.

Bubonicon 50 – Day Two

Two things always come into play on the Saturday. The first is how many additional books am I likely to buy from the dealer’s room? The second, and more difficult, is which discussions or panels am I going to prioritise over others? In the past I’ve dealt with this in a simple way, which am I likely to get the most benefit from? That might mean missing a reading or a Q&A but it’s the best measure I’ve come up with.

Bubonicon 50 – Day One

For those of you who follow me on any of the social media platforms that I’m a part of, you’ll know that last weekend I spent most of my time at the Bubonicon convention here in Albuquerque. I really enjoyed myself and as per previous years will be giving you a rundown of who I saw, what I heard and just generally, what went on.

Author Toolbox Blog Hop – Breaking Barriers

One thing that I think is important for growth as an artist is to keep challenging yourself. One obvious example of this is NaNoWriMo, to help you push your productivity. Another is to become part of a writer’s group, to share your work and accept critiques.

Looking to the past

Unless you’re starting from the beginning of time, or at least the beginning of your world’s time, there will always be events that happened before your story begins. Some of these might influence the way the story develops, some might just be a passing reference in conversation. Some you might have come up with just because it sounded interesting and you’ve yet to do anything more with it.