Bubonicon 50 – Day Two

Two things always come into play on the Saturday. The first is how many additional books am I likely to buy from the dealer’s room? The second, and more difficult, is which discussions or panels am I going to prioritise over others? In the past I’ve dealt with this in a simple way, which am I likely to get the most benefit from? That might mean missing a reading or a Q&A but it’s the best measure I’ve come up with.

Bubonicon 50 – Day One

For those of you who follow me on any of the social media platforms that I’m a part of, you’ll know that last weekend I spent most of my time at the Bubonicon convention here in Albuquerque. I really enjoyed myself and as per previous years will be giving you a rundown of who I saw, what I heard and just generally, what went on.

Bubonicon 49 – Day One

For those not already in the know, Albuquerque has an annual science fiction and fantasy convention called Bubonicon. I was there again this year and I’ll be doing a post for each day of the convention. This was the first day.

An Evening With H.A. Callum

Joining me in the reading room tonight is H.A. Callum, the very talented author of Whispers in the Alders, a candidate for my favourite book of 2017. We’ve got a pot of strong coffee to hand and a couple of hours to talk about whatever comes to mind. 

An Evening With M.L. Spencer

We’ve got a nice fire going in the reading room as I sit down to talk with the very talented M.L. Spencer, author of the Rhenwars Saga, including Darkstorm, Darkmage and, shortly, Darklands.