Author Toolbox Blog Hop – Building Your Community

One thing that I found is liable to help you on your writing quest is to grow and cultivate a community of like-minded individuals around you.


October Goals

I’ve had two consecutive months where I’m spectacularly failed to accomplish the goals that I’ve been setting for myself. Which, as you might understand, has made me a bit wary of what I set myself for October.

September Goals Review

I know that there’s still technically a few days left to go but the sad truth is that I’ve already written this month off. Not good but I figure I can either brood about what went wrong or I can acknowledge what went wrong and make sure I avoid doing the same thing next month. 

September Goals

I’ve been a bit reluctant to commit to a new goals list for this month so far. Not because I’m having difficulty coming up with things that I want to try and accomplish. Actually, it’s more the opposite.