So far, I think my life can be divided into three stages.

The first was being born in the southwest of Scotland, in a small village where I spent my first eighteen years. It’s living there that I credit with my love of the green and the countryside. It’s also what I think helped me develop my love of books, as a way to the greater world (and others) that I couldn’t easily reach yet.

The second stage began when I moved to Glasgow to go to university. This is when I began writing with more frequency. It also helped broaden my reading thanks to people I met and the abundance of second-hand bookshops nearby.

The third stage was moving to New Mexico to be with the talented woman who is now my wife. I’ve been here for a little over eight years now and it’s still the best thing I ever did for me.

I’m not sure when the next stage will begin, it’s just a matter of where my journey takes me. But for now, I’m happy to have somewhere to put my thoughts. And for a sample of those thoughts, here’s me interviewing me.

This is me. I’m a scribbler.

And before you ask; yes, I can still bring on the accent.

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