Rules of Writing

As you may have gathered if you read my previous post, last week I had one of my periodic crises of confidence about my writing abilities and devoting as much time to it as I currently do. So I looked about to see what I could do to combat it.

A Long Time Ago…

Since we have some of the same interests, I often find myself talking sci-fi/fantasy with one of my co-workers. This is the same one that gave me the Star Wars notebook at Christmas, so you see what I mean. However, we do sometimes have differences of opinion.

Review – Scrubs

Randy Hanson is a second-year medical student immersed in his life of classes, study groups, and one-night stands. But that part of his life ends abruptly when he meets Jane, a gorgeous young psychology student. Soon, he has to find a way to balance the increasing demands of his medical training with his burgeoning relationship with Jane.

March Goals

I was thinking that for March that I should pare my goals back a bit and focus more on just getting some writing done. Then I started thinking about how best I could facilitate getting that writing done. and ended up almost making more goals for myself anyways. Ah well…