Review – Grace

Grace Ayre and her mother have just moved from London to the small town of Stonewell. She has the normal troubles; learning a new place, making new friends, coping with her mother’s frequent work absences. And then there is the dark figure she keeps glimpsing in the local cemetery adjacent to her new house, the feeling of being watched and the strange recurring dreams…

Author Toolbox – Making Time

This post was written specifically for the #AuthorToolboxBlogHop.

So, you have a day job to pay the bills (maybe even more than one), you want to have a personal life and you want to write. Plus there’s that annoying thing called sleep. Now, how do you find the time for it all?

How to Help

Many of you out there will remember Raimey Gallant as the architect behind last year’s Nano Blog Hop, which put many of its participants (including myself) in touch with each other, either on Twitter, Facebook or through our blogs.


Well, Spring has officially sprung, according to the calendar. A time of renewal and new growth. Which is good, since it seems like that’s what I seem to be in the need of.

March Goals Review

March was marred by an unexpected crisis of confidence which pretty much threw everything into a loop for the better part of the week. The latter part of the month was spent trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, how I could remedy it going forward and trying not to get too down on myself about it.

Game On

So this month, I did not one, not two but three daily Q&A games; #authorconfessions again, #mythmadnesswip & #faetastic. And since it’s now the end of the month, here’s my collected answers.

Review – Translucid

Emé Fallon has a problem and it’s not the type she usually has to deal with as the Head of Security on Dragonfire Station. It’s not the fact that she just woke up in the Station’s infirmary after an unexplained shuttle accident. It’s the fact that she doesn’t recognize anyone around her. Or even know who she is.

Memories of Dune

The past few days I’ve been sort of re-reading (well, listening to my audiobook version) Dune by Frank Herbert. It’s been a while and, for some reason, it came almost as a surprise to me how much of a debt I owe to it.